20 Things I’ve Learnt In My Early Twenties.

20 things I've learnt at 20

20 Things I’ve Learnt In My Early Twenties

“In my life, I’ve lived, I’ve loved, I’ve lost, I’ve missed, I’ve hurt, I’ve trusted, I’ve made mistakes but most of all I’ve learnt.” Hp Lyrikz.

I am still trying to find my way and my place on this planet. I keep falling but I get up; I am still learning.

Here are the 20 things I’ve learnt at 20!

1. This Life Is Not For The Weak

I have gone though enough things in the last twenty plus years to realize that I needed to toughen up my skin to survive.
You can’t go through life being fragile and easy to break. You have to be strong and willing to fight whenever you have to.

2. You Lose Some You Gain Some

Friends come, sometimes they stick around but sometimes they don’t. Some you simply drift away, some you fall out due to discrepancies.  Treasure the ones that you have and appreciate the time that you spend with those that are gone.

20 things i've learnt at 20

No Pain No Gain

3. You Are Capable Of So Much, Just Push Yourself

The most fascinating thing about this world is that anything is possible. You just have to push yourself and have some imagination. I have pushed myself and had some things happen that I didn’t even deem possible. Do not be afraid to dream big or to set high goals, believe in yourself and in those goals.

4. It’s OK Not To Fit In

I’ve always felt like I didn’t belong, like I could never fit in regardless of how much I tried. This can be a bad thing especially if you give into pear pressure just to fit in.

You do not have to fit in; I mean why be basic when you were born to stand out?

5. You Are Going To Feel Lost

When you get into your twenties, you are excited and pumped to take on a new chapter of your life. You have so many goals set out and so many plans for the future. You are ready to take on anything but life throws at you more road blocks than you can take.

It is at this point that you will question yourself, you will begin to doubt your capabilities and question whether it’s really worth it and the worst part is that it gets really bad before it gets better.

Hang in there.

6. Everything Happens For A Reason

Whether it is to teach you a lesson, make you stronger or simply to give you a fresh perspective, things happen for a reason.   The reason might not be clear right away but it’s there and it becomes clear with time.

Ever heard of the phrase God doesn’t make mistakes?

7. Things That’s Seem So Important Right Now Might Be Utterly Insignificant In The Future

If it’s giving you a headache and you simply can’t get a way around it then why not just let it be? I look back at some things that I considered extremely important a while ago, so important that I invested my time, money and peace of mind on them.

Right now some of those things are insignificant and not worth all the stress.

8. Character Is Everything

“The true character of a person is not defined by what he does in front of a crowd but instead by what he does when no one is around”

Strive to be a person whose moral qualities even you would admire.

Kenyan Blog

Make Memories

9. Build Memories That Last

Travel, go out, do all the things that scare you and make memories while at it. There is nothing as sad as looking back at your life and having nothing to reminisce about.

Take advantage of the fact that you have fewer responsibilities now and do all the things that you want to do. Enjoy your twenties and maximize your experiences.

10. Meet New People

Different people have different views on life and everything in general. The world has a population of over 7.5 billion people, meet new people and gain new insights on life. You might be surprised at how good your life could be if you just looked at it from someone else’s eyes.

11. It Is Better To Give

Getting clothes, money shoes you name it, feels pretty awesome but I’ll tell you this for free; nothing beats the joy and satisfaction that comes with giving. The look that you get as someone appreciates whatever it is that you’ve given then is simply priceless and the warmth that comes with giving is just amazing.

12. Work Hard

Nothing and I repeat nothing in this world is free. If you want the good things in life then you must work for them and not just work but work hard especially now that you have more energy and very few responsibilities.

13. It’s OK To Make Mistakes

Mistakes are a stepping stones to success and failures are part of life. You learn through mistakes and they are the only way you know whether you are improving or not. Own your mistakes and learn from them.

14. Do Not Compare Yourself To Others

Someone else’s success does not determine your and vice-versa. When I was in high school, I used to hear the athletes being told not to look back at their competition as they ran as that would slow them down.

The same can be said about life, while you are busy worrying about what is in someone else’s plate, the food in yours is getting cold.

The only  person that you should be in competition with is you. Work to become the best version of yourself.

15. Be Real; Be You

In a world where trends are constantly changing and being fake has become a norm, it is very easy to lose touch with yourself. Don’t lose your authenticity trying to become someone that you are not. Be you, live according to your means and above all love the person that you are.

16. Everything Takes Time

Everything takes time, even a bruise heals after a while. Don’t be afraid of getting hurt because it always gets better.

Kenyan Blog

Make Every Moment Count

17. Life Is Short, Make It Worth The While.

You only have one life and you owe it to yourself to make it as awesome as it can possibly be especially since you might not make it till tomorrow.  In the words of Bonjovi “It’s my life, it’s now or never, I ain’t gonna live forever, I just wanna live when am alive…”

18. You Are Not The Only That Is Going Through Something

Just because you are going through something doesn’t mean someone else is. Everyone goes through hardships and the magnitude of those hardships is only significant to the person going through them.

19. Take Charge Of Your Life, It’s Yours.

Never let circumstances or people for that matter determine how you are going to live your life. It’s your life after all and only you have the power to determine how you are going to live it.

Never let anyone make you feel guilty for living your life your way.

20. Happiness Is A State Of Mind

Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come from you; it can only come from you.

I am in my early twenties which means there is still a lot more I am yet to see, that I am yet to experience, that I am yet to learn.


36 thoughts on “20 Things I’ve Learnt In My Early Twenties.

  1. Very true. I think everyone will learn those lessons, some sooner, some later. But I think it is great that you’ve been able to put them into a list and share with those who care! 😀


  2. So much truth in this post! Yes, you will feel lost, yes, you don’t need to try to fit in… and yes to so many other of your lessons learned. ” I keep falling but I get up; I am still learning.” I think that’s the best definition of life!


  3. Great lessons to learn early on, they’ll be true for a long time!! Fortunately, the longer you live you realize there are really great things to celebrate and savor every day, even on bad days.


  4. Great blog. A lot of these applies to me. At 25 after having my daughter I had to make a decision to make something with my life. Finally decided I had to finish college and got my bachelors in accounting. I’ve learned a lot from my twenties and there are things I would change, but a lot I wouldn’t.


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